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Greenwood Shalom

Tutoring Zone & Summer Enrichment

About the Company

Our Work

Greenwood Shalom Tutoring Zone & Summer Enrichment in Dorchester, Massachusetts is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment that attends to the spiritual, educational, physical, and social needs of children, young adults, and their parents.

We believe in working in partnership with parents, schools organizations, and communities to better equip children, the youth, and their families to become productive members of the society. Additionally, we encourage and support parents in their personal growth and development.

At Greenwood Shalom Outreach, Inc., we strive to provide the tools that will help children achieve their greatest possible success— not as how the world defines it, but as how the children define it.

Moreover, we believe in the long-term positive effect of the successful academic reading achievement of students— that this will carry over to a new achievement in other academic subjects, as well as, an improved social and emotional behavior.

We have been improving our program structure and the implementation of our rigorous reading literacy program. This process will promote high expectations and great outcomes for our students’ learning, in addition to effective communication between parents, school, and afterschool.

Our organization aims to make the world a better place, one child at a time.

Meet Our Team

Jeanette Merren - Interim Director

Jeanette, has worked with children and families for a very long time. Her devotion to the program is what keeps our organization thriving. She currently serves as the Interim Director of Greenwood Shalom Tutoring Zone & Summer Enrichment.

Rev. Dr. Imani Sheila Newsome Camara- Interim Director

Rochelle Jones-Interim Director  

Aaron Wohlmuth - Site Coordinator

Kantigi Camara- Group Leader

Madeline Mendez- Tutor

Chassidy Lomax - Tutor

Extended Family

  • Joseph Nichols – Speech and Language Consultant


  • Mary Brown

  • Jennifer Merren
  • Grace Johnson
  • Jerry Kashuck


Franklin Park Tennis Association- Tennis Instructor

Black Ministerial Alliance ( Victory Generation)

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